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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Knowing When To Reach Out For Help.

Just the other day I was contacted by a good friend who was in the process of travel from South Carolina to Boston with a stop in Chicago in between. He began to explain to me, he was flying in late at night and had to be to an appointment in Boston at 9am the next morning. He proceeded to mention that he was still going to have to get a rental car, hotel, and somehow find time in the morning to find a Staples nearby where he could go print off some materials he was going to need for his 9am appointment. And let's not forget time to sleep in between all of this!

All this and more needed to be accomplished somewhere between 11pm and 8am and as I was listening to him going on about his position I politely interjected with "Let me at least take care of the car rental for you. It could alleviate a lot of time and I can help you get a much lower price for that car rental. Let me help you." He proceeded to continue talking as though what I said didn't register probably because his head was so cluttered and he was so exhausted in the middle of waiting to get on the next airplane. So I repeated myself again and as he heard me more clearly he agreed to let me help him. He said he would call me when he landed in Chicago and I said "Okay I'll get to work on it for you right away."

By the time we spoke again once he reached Chicago where he was switching planes and heading to Boston I explained to him that I lined up a car rental. I searched multiple car rental companies to locate the best price and availability for what he needed. This saved him hundreds of dollars and all he had to do now was go pick up the rental car. His exhaustion was beginning to kick in at this point making him so relieved that he had one less thing to do. I also explained to him that he would be able to keep the car longer while still paying less than all the other rental companies by far. This was greatly benefiting his situation.

It didn't cost him any money to utilize my time, resources, and assistance. It made his travel experience a lot easier and helped save him money! Just remember this next time you are in the midst of travel. Think about these services and how my good friend benefited by them. Then just imagine how you can benefit as well. "I am here to make travel easier on you."

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