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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Planning a Vacation or Trip? Save money, time & effort

Are you looking for ways to increase time?

Do you struggle to find adequate help when dealing with your travel needs?

Are you always searching for the "best deal"?

I work with travelers to help solve problems like these.

While eighty percent of travelers today are booking travel online and utilizing the World Wide Web for the convenience it was designed for, they are actually sacrificing a bigger importance than they even realize.

The internet lacks strong customer service and can’t compete with the valuable services that a Travel Agent always has and always will provide. With the Internet you are on your own from the beginning stages of planning your vacation to the final stages of your return home when you book online.

Imagine you’re on your vacation or a business trip and a problem occurs. Your flight is cancelled, you have been seriously injured, a hurricane hits, or maybe the booking was incorrectly created by you or the vendor and now you’re stuck feeling like you have to deal with it, so you do. Many issues that take place with travelers today can be resolved with the knowledgeable assistance of a Travel Agent that otherwise would not be possible.
A Travel Agent will stand in your corner and go to bat for you when you experience an issue. This is part of the service you get when working with a Travel Agent. Yes, they help you plan, advise you, answer questions, and steer you in the right direction too. So, let a Travel Agent help with your next trip somewhere and assure that all the pieces are there and fitting properly. Let’s assure you have the best time possible.

So many people today are learning more about the many wonderful additional services provided by Travel Agents. With the awareness growing quickly, more people are going back to working with Travel Agents and finding that they are enjoying their vacations far more than if they just booked online. GET TRAVELING ( combines the best of both worlds by providing more options, resources, and solutions than anyone else.

So whether you are looking to book your travel online or have it handled for you, contact me for a service that fits your needs.

If you wish to gain more information on this much needed additional service, please contact me by any option listed below for more questions and information.

Jessica Wrobel
Travel Agent / Owner
“More than just affordable travel”
(603) 692-4676

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